Bank of America Cites Interesting Application of Trade Secret Doctrine

As the economy worsens, and the bailouts continue, tax payers are understandably, asking for more transparency about where the money that has been provided to the banking institutions has gone.

As reported by, the case of People v. Thain has some interesting rulings within it. Specifically, Bank of America must disclose bonuses to staff that were paid by Merrill Lynch as part of the merger between the two organizations, as the organizations received billions of dollars of bailout funds from the federal government

In an interesting application of strategy, Bank of America has cited that information regarding the bonuses that were paid out was a trade secret. A New York court, however, ordered that this information must be conveyed to the New York Attorney General’s office.

Attached is the link to People v. Thain

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Employees and Patents

Frequently employers assume that when an invention is created on company time, it belongs to the company. There was a really nicely written article on the Graham and Dunn website that illustrates the problem regarding employer assumptions and employee’s rights with regards to who owns the patent.

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Trademark Blog Link

While catching up on my blogging, I wanted to add another trademark blog that has some really great links and literature on them.

The TTAB Blog is one that is regularly updated and discusses cases as they come out

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The American Bar Association

held a poll regarding the 100 best legal based blogs on the web- the Iowa Estate Plan blog put out by Matthew Gardner got good reviews. Click to see it

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