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It’s been ten amazing and glorious years

In October 2006, I started the  Law Office of Alicia Porter. As a mother of a young toddler, I crafted my business around my child, and worked out of my basement.  Ten years, one massive move, and many life changes, I am stunned, humble, and grateful to all of my great clients for having a busy and thriving practice.  A practice does not expand and improve without fabulous clients, kind hearted people, and gentle direction.  Starting a business from scratch is a difficult endeavor, regardless of law school training. Moving a business is an additional challenge.

So… please consider this a heartfelt thank you.   I am privileged and grateful to work with and for wonderful people.  From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank my clients, the people who have been kind enough to mentor me, colleagues, counterparts that I have learned from, court clerks that have suggested pointers and everyone who has quietly lent a hand up, made a referral,  or given a teaching opportunity

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Correct Information

There seems to be some interesting information about the Law Office of Alicia Porter out there. For example, Google still has my office listed on 8th Avenue in Fairbanks. I never had an office there.   Yet people are still routinely getting this mis-information.


The correct address is P O Box 241741. The office is physically located 4325 Laurel Street at the Tudor Professional Building, 2nd floor.


My correct phone numbers are (907) 569-0050  or (907) 388-6038.  Clients and prospective clients are more than welcome to text on the 388 number, as texting is an easy modality for lots of people.

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Family Law

The Law Office of Alicia Porter, after careful consideration, no longer takes on patent law clients, beyond consultations as to how the process works, and identifying resources to help clients. The Law Office of Alicia Porter continues to work on trademarks and copyrights for clients.

In addition, the Law Office of Alicia Porter has been doing family law cases for the past six years. I have not raised the issue on my blog previously, as I did not want the focus of the blog to be predominantly family law. However, I do work on these cases, and am happy to meet with a client regarding these issues, should a need for representation arise.

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Anchorage and Fairbanks Phone Numbers

In order to serve clients better, the Law Office of Alicia Porter has added Anchorage telephone numbers as well as the Fairbanks number.

If in Fairbanks, please dial (907) 388-6038. This is also my texting number.
If in Anchorage, please dial (907) 569-0050
The new fax # is (907) 569-0051

Or email us at

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