What Are Your Estate Planning Goals?

A lot of times, clients come to appointments, and say that they want estate planning information. In order to best prepare for the meeting, here are some questions that clients may want to consider before the appointment, so that they can get the most effective use out of their time with their attorney. (Please note, this is just a sampling of some of the issues that may come up).

What are the types of documents you are seeking? Do you want a will? A power of attorney for medical care? A medical scenarios directive? A general power of attorney? A trust so that your estate can avoid probate? A financial plan? Burial directions? Information on donating your body to science? A special needs trust for a disabled spouse, should something happen to you? A partnership agreement that has provisions for your business in case you or your partners dies? To find out what your tax options are for your estate? Do you want to set up a trust to support one of your favorite charities? Do you want to set up an educational trust for all of your grandchildren? Do you want to figure out a strategy on how to manage a trust that you are currently the beneficiary? Do you intend to adopt children, and want to know what your options are? Alternatively, have you had difficulty conceiving, but need to make provisions for eggs, embryos and sperm that may be frozen while you are trying to conceive? Are you in a same gender relationship, and want to plan with your partner? Do you want to consider videotaping a statement for the benefit of the court should there be a need to protect your children from a particular family member? Are there people in your family that you know will cause problems when you die, and you want to minimize the hassles for your family? Do you want to set up a care and maintenance trust on behalf of your beloved pet?

Knowing what you want to do before you come to see an attorney can help you and the attorney both formulate a plan that best meets your estate planning needs.

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